March 5, 2024

How to go about outposts and outposts features


AWS outpost is also known as a hybrid IT system. It delivers managed AWS infrastructure, APIs, native AWS services, and other important services to customers on-premises facilities. Outposts come in handy especially when there is low latency. This simply means that applications that need to run on-premises can be enabled by outposts. Before you get started with using AWS outpost, it is very important to try and learn more about the outpost features. Here are some of them

Storage and computer

One thing for sure is that you can be able to choose between a range of pre-validated AWS outposts. The outposts that can be configured can be to offer a mi of EVS, EC2, and S3 capacity that are simply designed to meet data residency and application needs. It is also very possible to contact AWS for the sake of meeting certain customized options and needs. At the end of the day, you should only settle for services that can meet your unique needs.


AWS outposts include options that are supporting the latest options and generation powered by EC2 types whether there is local storage or not. When it comes to computing, there are many important things that you should try to understand and they include:

  • general-purpose- M5d/M5 provides balances of memory, compute, network resources and they can also be used for general workloads.
  • Compute-optimized-C5d/5C are normally optimized to deliver costs effectively and compute-intensive workload.


When you are thinking of outposts, you should also be thinking about the local instance storage. When you are ordering an outpost, it is very important to make sure that you are settling for one that provided you with snapshots of restore capabilities and one that allows you to increase the volume and the size without affecting your business in any way. That way, you will not be able to feel any possible impact. Make sure that the snapshots are encrypted for your safety.

Security and compliance

Another feature that is there to know about aws outpost has everything to do with security and compliance. When you are thinking of security and compliance, you should look into things such as security model, security data, and enhanced security among other things.


If AWS outposts have interested you and you are thinking of ordering, it will be very important if you knew what you are getting into first. Therefore, you should do your best to learn about the features before making your order.

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